Table lamp "Candela"

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Your eyes too, need some relaxation. Rest from the uncomfortable white light of the work environment. Relax to candlelight, or with the subtle and held-back light of the handmade table light "Candela". To create ambience, that is its job: in red, ambra, blue or opal - in square or round shape. The highest possible freedom and mobility: "Candela" is cableless, a strong battery (Sanyo Li-Ion) powers the light in the selected strength (strong, medium, low and two setting for "candlelight") for up to 28 hours.

The base station allows the resin to be recharged, for multiple lights there the "Long Bar" docking station with five chargers, the "Tray", with space for twelve, a small wagon (H90 x W91 x D61) with space for 24 on two levels and a big wagon (H90 x W61 x D45) for charging 48 lamps in two levels.

The accessories (Bar, Tray, Wagons) are available on request.
The lamps may be engraved with a hotel or restaurant name for an extra fee on request. Our friendly service staff will be more than happy to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

This product is only available on request!

Um den individuellen Anforderungen in z.B. Material, Transport oder Montage gerecht zu werden, können wir für dieses Produkt nur nach Rücksprache mit dem Kunden ein Angebot unterbreiten.

Preis ab 1.160,00 EUR

Measurements (in cm)

Technical Details

Technical Details

H17,5 x W11,5 x D11,5
11 H18


Lamp is water proof and saltwater resistant

optional in:
ambra, red, blue, opal

incl. Base-Station

On request:
Short Bar
(For charging 5 lamps)

(For charging 12 or 20 lamps)

Small Wagon
(H90 x W91 x D61, for charging 24 or 40 lamps, on 2 levels)

Large Wagon
(H90 x W61 x D45, for charging 48 or 80 lamps, on 2 levels)

Weight: 1,3kg - 1,4kg

Battery: Sanyo Li-Ion
1000 x rechargeable, replaceable
Charging time: 8.5 hrs

Light source: 5W Halogen matt (4000 hr life-span)

5 light levels
(strong, medium, soft and 2 settings for "candlelight")

Lighting time:
10 hrs (strong)
15 hrs (medium)
28 hrs (soft)

More information on the following number:

040 800 80 880
Mo.-Fr. 9:00 to 20:00 CET

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