Garden Fireplace "Cubico"

Expressive moments

The clear straight lines give this garden fireplace a mysterious, expressive aura. This fireplace can be placed free-standing, or against a wall with the included back-plate.
There is a choice between three shapes. The utilized material of brushed stainless steel underscores the noble character of this garden fireplace. The fireplace is fuelled by bio-ethanol, which is made only from natural substances, making the flames dance in wonderful yellowy red colours. The burner-chamber has a capacity of 2 litres allowing for a maximum burn time of eight hours.

Design by Jan des Bouvrie

This product is only available on request!

Um den individuellen Anforderungen in z.B. Material, Transport oder Montage gerecht zu werden, können wir für dieses Produkt nur nach Rücksprache mit dem Kunden ein Angebot unterbreiten. Note:
This fireplace is fueled by bio-ethanol gel that is not part of this order, but can be requested as an optional extra. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Preis ab 2.408,00 EUR



Technical Details

3 Größen to choose from:
H70 x W70 x D20
35 kg

Brushed stainless steel
Steel (black, powder-coated)

Fireplaces are availble with back-wall for wall mounting, or without for free-standing placement (a user manual and intallation instruction is included).

Burner Chamber:
2l capacity
Fuel: Bio-ethanol
Burn time: 6-8 hrs (with 2L bio-ethanol)

Accessories (incl.):
Lighter, funnel (for refilling), lid (for putting out the fire), screws, drilling template

Available on request:
glass shield (protection against windy weather)
outdoor cover (protection against weather

More information on the following number:

040 800 80 880
Mo.-Fr. 9:00 to 20:00 CET

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