Fireplace "Glacier"

Fire and ice

The play of light of the fire comes to some very nice effects, as intended by well known designer Ora ¤to. This concept outdoor fireplace unites the warming power of the fire with an icy looking corpus.
The bio-ethanol fuel is a great environmentally friendly way to fuel this fire. This fireplace is made from the unconventional mineral stone "ductal", which is very similar to granite, and has no problems in withstanding the heat from the fire.

This product is only available on request!

Um den individuellen Anforderungen in z.B. Material, Transport oder Montage gerecht zu werden, können wir für dieses Produkt nur nach Rücksprache mit dem Kunden ein Angebot unterbreiten. Note:
This fireplace is fueled by bio-ethanol gel that is not part of this order, but can be requested as an optional extra. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Preis ab 2.205,00 EUR

Measurements (in cm)


Technical Details

H16 X W76 x D60
32 kg

Ductal (a mineral stone - polymer mix that is extremely hard and resilient)

in white

Burner receptacle: Cartridge
Bio-ethanol (Gel), 96%

Consumption: 600 ml (1 cartridge) in 2.5 hrs.

Output: 0.9 KW

More information on the following number:

040 800 80 880
Mo.-Fr. 9:00 to 20:00 CET

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